Intangible Utopia


Der Name Cemplified setzt sich aus C E l l o und a M P L I F I E D zusammen. Bei unseren Konzerten spielen wir mit Verstärker, bleiben aber wie auch auf der CD, beim originalen Celloklang. Keine Loops oder draufgesetzten Soundeffekte.

Our self-written opening track is "Fole Waesh" Fole Waesh is an expression from Styria, Austria. Styria is the place where the former Governor of California comes from. It expresses many things at once. "With Power", "With Expression" , "With Dedication". You get the idea... Say it out loud: "Fole Waesh". Congratulations! Now you can speak German with Arnold Schwarzeneggers accent.

In "Paint it Black" we merge the Funeral March by Chopin with the wonderful classic song from the Rolling Stones. We hope Chopin doesn't mind...

"Heaven on their minds" by Andrew Lloyd Webber brings our favourite song from the Rock Opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" to Rock Cello

"Tschuri", another self-written song refers to the Jupiter-family comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. In German this comet got the nickname Tschuri. Isn't "Churyumov–Gerasimenko" a great tongue twister? Here is the storyline for the track: Imagine you are a comet flying around peacefully and undisturbed for millions of years. But suddenly strange objects from earth show up, they circle around you and finally crash on your surface.

What can we say about "Child in Time" by Deep Purple? It is a wonderful song and we did our best to put it in a new special setting for two string instruments. The 30 second preview on this site is not the most interesting snippet from the track. But for copyright reasons we can't make the preview any longer. All we can suggest is this: Download it, you won't be disappointed.

You can listen to the whole "Intangible Utopia" track (no copyright restrictions here, because it's self-written)

Just one more thought about the last track. We very much liked the idea of Bon Jovi, when they turned their original loud and heavy song into a ballad. A cover should always be something special and we wanted to add vulnerability to this song. It is our epilogue on the album.

Thank you for listening Visit our website to drop us a note

Cheers, Julian and Peter

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